Amarillo VA.

I am constantly hearing on the news about the bad things going on with the Veterans Affairs. I personally use the one here in Amarillo it is called  the Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center. I have had minimal problems at this center, in fact there was nothing that has occurred that has not occurred at any other doctors office or hospital. I was there just this morning and I had my blood work completed with just one stick and on time. Saw the doctor at my appointment time. Went to the Pharmacy and was waited on as soon as I walked up to the window. Then without an Appointment I stopped by the main office and was in and out in 15 minuets of signing in.

I just wanted to write a big thank you too our veterans service for an outstanding job they are doing and trying to do for all our veterans. I was told that they were short two doctors and they were very busy but everyone I had dealings with was very nice to everyone.


10 thoughts on “Amarillo VA.

  1. My thought is this, when you think of all the veterans and VA centers around the country and the few that make it bad for everyone we would realize the majority of VA centers take are of their own. Truthfully, the government has been wanting to control TriCare and anything related to our medical care for years I think it is a tactic so they can take it over. I am sure there were deaths by bad doctors and mismanagement but it is the same in the civilian world, look at what happened to Joan Rivers, my daughter was misdiagnosed three times by the same civilian quack dr for gallbladder problems, we just stuck to our convictions and got her the surgery and care she needed by a good doctor. Happy to hear your VA Medical center is good, so is ours here in PA. Thank you for your service and God bless you and your family!


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