Mother Nature Saying Happy New Year

She can some times let us know who is boss of the weather. I know the people up north of us are used to this kind of weather. We dropped down to 4 degrees F last night and with the wend it felt like 15 to 25 Degrees below zero. Plus the snow, we are to get up to maybe 21 degrees f for the last day of the year. What a way to end 2014.

The New Year will start of around 33 degrees F with snow on the ground. I have always said that if I wanted to see snow I would drive up to the mountains. We doIMG_0155 need the moisture though so I pray this means that 2015 will bring us up to at least normal on rain and snow fall. Our local lake is down about 60 feet and it would be nice to see it full again.

I would like to wish all my family and friends a Blessed and Happy New Year. May God truly bless each one of you.

Jim H


Merry Christmas

Charlotte and I would love to wish every one a very Merry Christmas. We had all four of our grandsons with their mom and dads over today. It was such a blessing. We had a great time watching the kids open their presents from us. P1090783

Little Visitor.

Charlotte fixed some home-made chicken noodle soup to take over to the kids for supper last night. Jeff wasnt feeling good and poor Amy is trying to take care of him but of course she does not need to catch what ever Jeff has. This mourning Charlotte went to the store to get grocery’s and I guess she had called the kids to see if they needed any thing, because when she came home and I went out to carry in grocery’s I was surprised by a little man. Yep Noah came home with her. Come to find out not only was Jeff sick but Riley the 7 year old was too.
Maw Maw was putting a green chili stew together to cook for lunch and of course Noah was in there with her. Noah said Maw Maw I have an ideal, we can make marshmallow treats, So of course she made him some. Later on the buzzer on the dryer went off so she took the cloths out and went to the bed room to put the sheets on the bed and fold the cloths. Of course NP1070670oah went in with her to help, he came in to tell me that he folded my socks. He said Poppy I took one of your socks and put it inside the other one, now when you get your socks all you have to do is reach in to the one sock and pull out the other sock. He cracks me up but you do have to be careful around him, sometimes if you laugh at what he is doing it hurts his feelings and when you ask him why he started crying he will tell you that you were not taking him serious.                                                                 He just loved the green chili stew of course he is like poppy he likes things spicy. He told Maw Maw that we need to take the rest to his house, we told him that they were sick and that spicy food might not be good for them besides Riley would not like it. Well I will make him taste it and he would like it.

Amarillo VA.

I am constantly hearing on the news about the bad things going on with the Veterans Affairs. I personally use the one here in Amarillo it is called  the Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center. I have had minimal problems at this center, in fact there was nothing that has occurred that has not occurred at any other doctors office or hospital. I was there just this morning and I had my blood work completed with just one stick and on time. Saw the doctor at my appointment time. Went to the Pharmacy and was waited on as soon as I walked up to the window. Then without an Appointment I stopped by the main office and was in and out in 15 minuets of signing in.

I just wanted to write a big thank you too our veterans service for an outstanding job they are doing and trying to do for all our veterans. I was told that they were short two doctors and they were very busy but everyone I had dealings with was very nice to everyone.

Two Years

I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you who P1110555have read and commented on my blog. I have been told by WordPress that I have been doing this for two years. My blog has received 22,350 Views and 2,350 comments. I have loved hearing from each of you and I pray as long as I can keep up the blog I will continue doing so.

Jim 🙂

Happy Anniversary!