Happy Halloween,

I am glade that this only comes once a year. It does give the kiddos a time to dress P1110974up and act like something that they are not. We had several spooksP1110968 and goblins, some little mice, and fairy tale princesses, but my two favorite was of course the grand kids. The oldest one lost his head and it took me a little b it to figure out who he was under that outfit. The youngest one well lets say he was a little wrapped up and he had to show Maw maw and Poppy how a mummy walks.


12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween,

  1. Hello Jim, Nice reflection on Halloween. I now live in one of these gated, retirement communities in Florida, so I don’t get to see children coming out for Halloween any more. I miss that a lot. It’s actually one of the reasons that I’m thinking about selling my house. Sounds like a small thing, but it’s a big thing. I enjoy reading your blog. Sincerely, Richard


    • Thank you Richard for reading my blog. We don’t have as many trick or theaters as we used to have and I do like seeing the little ones all dressed up. But when the older ones start coming around we turn out the porch light and shut the door. Have a blessed day Jim Oh and good luck in selling your home.


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