Bringing back great Memories

I had a second cousin go home to be with the Lord Last Sunday. Danny,Danny Ray Clark John and my self grew up in Borger Texas. John is my first cousin and was Danny’s uncle. The funeral was at 2:00 pm today 11/26/2014 so I went by and picked up John and we drove the hour from Amarillo to Borger, and then to Stinnett Texas where he was buried. We visited about how long it had been since we were in Borger. As we drove through town we would reminisce about different land marks and how some were still there and some were gone. Going through the old neighborhood we would remember as kids how the three of us would play in the old creek bed.

I am only two years older than Danny Ray, but I remember one Saturday he came to my house and told me that their were some kids in the park that was picking on him and wanted me to go with him and run them off.. I think that I was around 12 or so and I have always been big. I have never been much of a fighter but I just couldn’t let him down. Thank goodness when we got to the park the kids that were picking on him were gone so we had a good time playing.

After growing up I tried to stay in touch with Danny, John had moved to Oklahoma, I had moved to Amarillo and Danny was in Borger. He worked for the Borger Fire Department. I remember the wife and I went to Borger visiting my sister we had not been there long when we heard that some rail cars were on fire. One of the tank cars blew and Danny was close enough that it blew him about a block away. I might not be completely right on that but that is what I remember. We went up to the Borger Hospital to check on him. We met his wife who was pregnant with their first child. We stayed with her until we got the news that he was going to be alright. We have been out of touch for several years. I met Danny’s daughter today the one who had not been born yet back when he was in the hospital all those years ago.

I just wanted to write some good memories of him to pay tribute to him. He will be truly missed here on earth but I know their has been a big reunion in Heaven.


You look old

My daughter in law had her second chemo treatment today, and my son is feeling sick he is not sure what is going on with him. So we are keeping our 7 and 5-year-old grand sons. They are a lot of fun to be around. I went in to take my shower and when I was finished I walked into the bed room and the 5-year-old was in there with his grandma. He saw me and said oh and left the room. When I got dressed and came back in the living room he came up to me and said he was sorry that he saw me naked. I apologized to him for not knowing that he was in there. Then he just said poppy you look old, I just about fell out of my chair laughing. Shortly after that he came back in and told me that maw ma wanted me to come in and take my night time medicines so that I would look younger. You just got to love those guys.

Happy Halloween,

I am glade that this only comes once a year. It does give the kiddos a time to dress P1110974up and act like something that they are not. We had several spooksP1110968 and goblins, some little mice, and fairy tale princesses, but my two favorite was of course the grand kids. The oldest one lost his head and it took me a little b it to figure out who he was under that outfit. The youngest one well lets say he was a little wrapped up and he had to show Maw maw and Poppy how a mummy walks.