On our way to Boston. Day Eleven and Twelve the End.

We are up and loading on the Bus and I am so excited, NOT on the excited part for we are stopping in Nashville at the Opry Mills Mall. Yep that four letter word isP1110936 used again (shop)ping It was close to lunch time when we arrived at the mall. Charlotte and I had eaten at a Johnny Rockets on our last bus tour, so when we saw they had one in the mall we decided to eat there. Afterwards I found a place to just set and watching the people go by while she went shopping. I was not the only one several of us men had the same ideal.

P1110939 P1110940 P1110941


After eating and the girls shopped we headed to Memphis where we spent the last night before heading to Terrell Texas.


4 thoughts on “On our way to Boston. Day Eleven and Twelve the End.

  1. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls, I love shopping but mostly for needed goods and of course bargains and Ron is so patient and so are our furry friends who wait with him.

    What a special time you have enjoyed, thanks for sharing it with us, let me know when you take off again and I will pack a bag, Ron can catch up on his Fishing and Golf and the dogs with their digging in the garden looking for bones and Charlotte and I can shop till we drop!

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


    • Thank you Anne. I read this to Charlotte and she said you are so sweet. In fact the shopping sounds good to her. Our daughter lives 9 hours away and so she does not have any one to shop with except me and from reading my blog you know how much help I am. May our God truly bless you and Ron. Love back to you from these two Texas friends. 🙂 Jim


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