On our way to Boston. Day Eight Boston MA.

Hay we are actuality going into the city of Boston today. We picked up our tour guide and started driving around Boston while he told us about tP1110727he history of what all we were looking at. Finally we got to the part of the tour that I was looking forward to. We stopped off to tour the USS P1110745Constitution (Old Ironsides). The oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy. She was launched way back in 1797 and is still afloat today, The reason she is called Old Ironsides is no cannon ball ever penetrated her sides,   http://www.history.navy.mil/ussconstitution/


After driving around some more we went to Faneuil Hall where we were P1110811supposed to eat and do a little shopping. The eating places were so crowed that Charlotte and I decided to be brave and venture away from the crowds. We found a Panera about a block away, it was so quiet and peaceful we really enjoyed our lunch. We walked around the area some and went by ye Old Union Oyster House which as been around since 1826. After leaving Faneuil Hall we drove around some more, then to the Old North Church.


The closest we got to Fenway Park was seeing the sign as we droveP1110851 by on the highway. We drove around through Harvard University So now I can say I went to Harvard! Well I did not actually attend Harvard but I went there. As my Family would say bad joke dad.



P1110812 P1110819 P1110820 P1110829 P1110830 P1110847 P1110858


5 thoughts on “On our way to Boston. Day Eight Boston MA.

  1. Great city! I’ve now been there twice but haven’t seen Old Ironsides yet, so thanks to your reminder, will hope to visit it when Richard and I get to go again in June. So glad you got to enjoy that fantastic place! 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment. I was told that the ship is going into dry dock for some up keep so you might check on that before you go. We did enjoy Boston but we are planning on going back on our on so that we can see more of it. Have a blessed day. Jim


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