On our way to Boston. Day Six Rockport MA.

Before we left Salem we had lunch down by the harbor. They dropped us off pointed out a few places where we could walk to get something to eat. Charlotte, and IP1110586 looked around for a bit. We spotted a place called Scratch Kitchen. It was literally a room with a parking garage attached. We decided to try it out and it was great. I had a mean BLT bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich with an order of bacon dusted fries, man they were good. This is where the ships would dock to load and unload their merchandise. The US Custom house was located right across the road.P1110584

After loading back on the bus we drove along the cost towards Gloucester and Rockport. We stopped off Hammond Castle. Our next stop was at the Fisherman’s Memorial this is where they have the names of all the fisherman that perished at sea.  Our tour guide told us that all the houses behind the memorial was moved from the park location back to where they are located now. After looking around town from the bus we were dropped off in down town Rockport so the woman folk could do a little shopping. The reason I said little shopping they only gave them about an hour to shop. To end the day we went to the Gloucester House Restaurant for dinner.

P1110615 P1110612 P1110601


12 thoughts on “On our way to Boston. Day Six Rockport MA.

    • Thank you for the comment. This was real bacon too not that thin microwave type, and the tomato, lettuce was fresh. I am getting hungry for one now that I am talking about. God bless you also. 🙂 Jim


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