On our way to Boston. Day five Salem MA.

Today we are going Salem, Rockport, and Gloucester. We went to Salem, picked up our tour guide and he took us around town. He said that Salem really gets in to Halloween during the month of October. There were a few decorations P1110567 P1110576out, but the closer it gets to Halloween the more decorations would be seen. We walked up the street to a graveyard. The thirteen witches that were hanged in 1692 are buried in this cemetery. I had always heard that this went on for years and that they were burned at the stake. Well this only went on for 10 months and they were hanged to death. The city of Salem puts one flower on each of their graves. Seeing all of these graves and how old they were took you way back in time.

P1110571 P1110573 P1110575


10 thoughts on “On our way to Boston. Day five Salem MA.

  1. We were there this summer (Salem, Rockport and Gloucester). If you have time, you should go to Danvers (the historic Salem village). They also have a memorial and most the the “witches” lived in Danvers.

    I was born in Gloucester but lived in Rockport. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your trip!


    • Yes we really did enjoy it. Sad to say though we only had the time that the bus tour gave us. The wife and I would like to go back on our own so that we could have more time to look around. Have a blessed day. Jim

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    • We did enjoy what we was able to look at unfortunately being on the bus we only able to see where it went. I did stay with the bus while my wife was shopping downtown. He could not keep the bus there so we went over by the Rockport train station, so I went in to the Dunkin Donuts and got some coffee. Good to hear from you. Have a blessed day Jim


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