On our way to Boston. Day three, and Four.

We were up had breakfast, and all 40 of us loaded on the bus. We headed P1110558 out around 8:30. There was a beautiful tree just outside the motel so of course Charlotte had to take a picture of it. The hill sides were changing and the trees and landscape looked like an artist painting. I have no ideal when the scheduled pit stop was going to be. We had several that just had to go if you know what I mean, so we asked the driver if he could make a stop.

P1110563 P1110565

I just have to give this place credit. It was a little truck stop called Mt. Cobb Burger King on Interstate 84 Lake Ariel PA. We stopped and 40 people poured off the bus. The people working that day handled all of us with smiles and were very friendly. What impressed me the most is a young man behind the counter. When I walked up he noticed my Vietnam Veteran hat. He thanked me for my service and when I tried to pay him he said no that he would take care of it. After leaving the truck stop we made all the other stops then finely made to our motel where we will spend the next 4 nights.


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