On our way to Boston. Day one and Two.

We had booked another Bus tour. The Church that we had gone on a cruse with out of New York has now put together a bus tour to Boston. So we drove to Terrell Texas to catch the bus. Our first day was mostly driving and we spent the night in Memphis Tennessee. The next day we drove to Casey Jones P1110554Village in Jackson TN, where we stopped and toured the Village and had lunch.


After leaving Jackson We drove on and pulled in to Knoxville TN, where we stopped for dinner. loaded back on the bus and went on to Kingsport TN which was around 10:PM and spent the night. I guess I don’t look to bad for spending all that time on the bus?

P1110555 P1110556


2 thoughts on “On our way to Boston. Day one and Two.

  1. I like the idea of including a photo of yourself writing the very blog that I’m in the process of reading. Hope you don’t mind….I’m thinking about using that techique in my own blog. Great idea! Great travel story.


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