On our way to Boston. Day Eleven and Twelve the End.

We are up and loading on the Bus and I am so excited, NOT on the excited part for we are stopping in Nashville at the Opry Mills Mall. Yep that four letter word isP1110936 used again (shop)ping It was close to lunch time when we arrived at the mall. Charlotte and I had eaten at a Johnny Rockets on our last bus tour, so when we saw they had one in the mall we decided to eat there. Afterwards I found a place to just set and watching the people go by while she went shopping. I was not the only one several of us men had the same ideal.

P1110939 P1110940 P1110941


After eating and the girls shopped we headed to Memphis where we spent the last night before heading to Terrell Texas.


On our way to Boston. Day Ten Heading Home .

We stopped off at Woodrow Wilson Presidential Museum in Staunton, VA The P1110885home that he was born in is right next door. The museum and home were nice but nothing like the other presidential libraries and museum. This one and the Lincoln Presidential Library are not supported by the government. They only get donations, help from the state, and the city that they P1110900are in. They are exultant Libraries and Museum you can just tell they receive no funding from the US Government. I enjoyed seeing his car, and also some of the WW 1 war stuff in the basement.




On our way to Boston. Day Nine Heading Home .

We boarded the bus at 08:30 leaving Boston heading back toward Texas. We drove to Old Mystic Village CT. where all could do some, wait for it, wait for it, that’s right shopping. Of course we also did my favorite thing eating. I was in hopes that we would see the Mystic Sea Port but we did not get that close to it where we could see the old Whaler ships.  Charlotte and I found a little bakery called Blue Squid, (Strange name for a bakery) but they had great sandwiches with home-made bread. The rest of the day was driving to Pine Grove PA.

P1110877 P1110878 P1110879

Star Wars, Saturday October 25

My son asked if I would like to go with him and the two grand kids to a bookstore called Tables Edge here in Amarillo. The owner is a Fireman with the Amarillo fire department and works with my son at the same station. Any ways they are having a special happening this weekend with comic books and other displaysP1110966 Also several people dressed in movie grade costumes. My youngest grandson who is five was dressed as Darth Vader and when we got to the stores and they saw him they just had to have a picture taken with them. R2 D2 was their and he was fully remote control and the grand son loved that. Afterwords we had a men’s day out and went to Der Wiener Schnitzel and had lunch. It was a fun time with my Amarillo kids.

On our way to Boston. Day Eight Boston MA.

Hay we are actuality going into the city of Boston today. We picked up our tour guide and started driving around Boston while he told us about tP1110727he history of what all we were looking at. Finally we got to the part of the tour that I was looking forward to. We stopped off to tour the USS P1110745Constitution (Old Ironsides). The oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy. She was launched way back in 1797 and is still afloat today, The reason she is called Old Ironsides is no cannon ball ever penetrated her sides,   http://www.history.navy.mil/ussconstitution/


After driving around some more we went to Faneuil Hall where we were P1110811supposed to eat and do a little shopping. The eating places were so crowed that Charlotte and I decided to be brave and venture away from the crowds. We found a Panera about a block away, it was so quiet and peaceful we really enjoyed our lunch. We walked around the area some and went by ye Old Union Oyster House which as been around since 1826. After leaving Faneuil Hall we drove around some more, then to the Old North Church.


The closest we got to Fenway Park was seeing the sign as we droveP1110851 by on the highway. We drove around through Harvard University So now I can say I went to Harvard! Well I did not actually attend Harvard but I went there. As my Family would say bad joke dad.



P1110812 P1110819 P1110820 P1110829 P1110830 P1110847 P1110858

On our way to Boston. Day Seven Lexington, and Concord MA.

Started off the morning by going to the John F Kennedy Pres. Library & MuseumP1110633. It was very good and I enjoyed it. But after being to the AbrahamP1110627 Lincoln Pres. Library and Museum I was a little disappointed. It was great to see an actual Flag that was on the PT 109 while John F Kennedy was serving on it.

When we got to Lexington we were dropped off on the square and set off to find some lunch. It had bP1110647een raining and was cool. We went into a little deli got us a sandwich then went a cross the street and ate in the park. After lunch we met the tour guide who was dressed in the time period. She was great and explained about the history here in Lexington. and as we drove over to Concord and Minute Man National Historic Park.

P1110657 P1110697 P1110703 P1110708P1110667



On our way to Boston. Day Six Rockport MA.

Before we left Salem we had lunch down by the harbor. They dropped us off pointed out a few places where we could walk to get something to eat. Charlotte, and IP1110586 looked around for a bit. We spotted a place called Scratch Kitchen. It was literally a room with a parking garage attached. We decided to try it out and it was great. I had a mean BLT bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich with an order of bacon dusted fries, man they were good. This is where the ships would dock to load and unload their merchandise. The US Custom house was located right across the road.P1110584

After loading back on the bus we drove along the cost towards Gloucester and Rockport. We stopped off Hammond Castle. Our next stop was at the Fisherman’s Memorial this is where they have the names of all the fisherman that perished at sea.  Our tour guide told us that all the houses behind the memorial was moved from the park location back to where they are located now. After looking around town from the bus we were dropped off in down town Rockport so the woman folk could do a little shopping. The reason I said little shopping they only gave them about an hour to shop. To end the day we went to the Gloucester House Restaurant for dinner.

P1110615 P1110612 P1110601

On our way to Boston. Day five Salem MA.

Today we are going Salem, Rockport, and Gloucester. We went to Salem, picked up our tour guide and he took us around town. He said that Salem really gets in to Halloween during the month of October. There were a few decorations P1110567 P1110576out, but the closer it gets to Halloween the more decorations would be seen. We walked up the street to a graveyard. The thirteen witches that were hanged in 1692 are buried in this cemetery. I had always heard that this went on for years and that they were burned at the stake. Well this only went on for 10 months and they were hanged to death. The city of Salem puts one flower on each of their graves. Seeing all of these graves and how old they were took you way back in time.

P1110571 P1110573 P1110575

On our way to Boston. Day three, and Four.

We were up had breakfast, and all 40 of us loaded on the bus. We headed P1110558 out around 8:30. There was a beautiful tree just outside the motel so of course Charlotte had to take a picture of it. The hill sides were changing and the trees and landscape looked like an artist painting. I have no ideal when the scheduled pit stop was going to be. We had several that just had to go if you know what I mean, so we asked the driver if he could make a stop.

P1110563 P1110565

I just have to give this place credit. It was a little truck stop called Mt. Cobb Burger King on Interstate 84 Lake Ariel PA. We stopped and 40 people poured off the bus. The people working that day handled all of us with smiles and were very friendly. What impressed me the most is a young man behind the counter. When I walked up he noticed my Vietnam Veteran hat. He thanked me for my service and when I tried to pay him he said no that he would take care of it. After leaving the truck stop we made all the other stops then finely made to our motel where we will spend the next 4 nights.


On our way to Boston. Day one and Two.

We had booked another Bus tour. The Church that we had gone on a cruse with out of New York has now put together a bus tour to Boston. So we drove to Terrell Texas to catch the bus. Our first day was mostly driving and we spent the night in Memphis Tennessee. The next day we drove to Casey Jones P1110554Village in Jackson TN, where we stopped and toured the Village and had lunch.


After leaving Jackson We drove on and pulled in to Knoxville TN, where we stopped for dinner. loaded back on the bus and went on to Kingsport TN which was around 10:PM and spent the night. I guess I don’t look to bad for spending all that time on the bus?

P1110555 P1110556