Sterling Kansas

Time to come home from the daughter’s house. We decided that since our oldest grand son has started college in Kansas we would go home a different way so we could go by and see him. He had to be at his collegeP1110300 the week before his classes started so he could start football practice. So he had been doing what they call two a days for his first week there. That means he had to get up early and go out to the field for practice, stop for lunch and some meetings then back out for practice again.

We had called him the night before to let him know we were coming by to see him on the way home. He did not have practice on Sunday and we said we should be there around 10:30 that morning. We got there and found his dorm, the school has a beautiful campus. We called him on his phone but P1110284no answer. Charlotte said she would go in and ask if they could go to his room to get him. Well they took her down to his room. She knocked on the door, his room-mate opened the door and Caleb was still in bed. He saw it was his Maw maw and he jumped up, he told her she better go back to the car before she sees something she did not want to see since this was the men’s dorm.

Sterling is a small little town and it does not have a big selection of places to eat, so we went to a nearby town to eat lunch. After lunch we drove him P1110279back to the college, said our good byes and headed for home for we still had about 6 hour drive ahead of us.



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19 thoughts on “Sterling Kansas

    • Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. I am so proud of you for giving your live to Christ and I am happy to call you my sister in Christ. Have a truly blessed day. Your brother in Christ Jim

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      • Thank you so much Harbin. My concentration isn’t always good to read blogs but that morning I thought I would because you have taken so much time to read and comment on mine. The Lord gives me strength when I need. So thank you brother. Blessings to you and your wife. May God richly bless you. jacqui xx


  1. How very blessed you both are Jim, but than Caleb is also blessed to have Loving Grandparents who not only have life wisdom but I’m sure Godly wisdom too. With us being in the Body of Christ both of you are also my family and Ron’s too and I also feel blessed that you are.

    Do you know Jim that God tells us when the elderly walk into a room we are to stand up, that is how much respect we are to show them. I’m not sure how old you are Jim but I tell those who are only a year younger than me that they can just nod in reverence in my direction instead of standing up Lol Now I’m happy to do this for you too Jim if you are older than me but maybe just at the Monitor, as you know, Aussie Land is a bit far away.

    Thank you for your encouragement on our Blog Jim, I was thinking perhaps you might like to see a Power point I created about aging, I had received another one by e-mail and thought it was a good starting point, I would also love you to share any links to messages that are special to you so I could be encouraged by them too and it helps me to know you better as my Brother in The Lord.

    As we age –

    Many Blessings and Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


    • Thank you. I can not open your power point for I do not have Office on this computer. I am having to rush on this comment for we are about loaded up to go on a trip, I will try to see the power point when we get back. Your brother in Christ Jim. May God bless you all the days of your life.


    • So sorry for the rush this morning. We are at a motel for the night and so I pondered on you comment. I do so thank you for reading my blog also. This is the way I am trying to record my thoughts and memory’s and recording it so that my family can read it later and know how there dad, granddad lived. We went to church tonight with the people that we are going on a bus tour to Boston with. Their pastor spoke on Moses from Exodus chapter 33 setting up a tent of meeting out side the camp so that he could visit with God. The people was leaving God out but still wanted all of His blessings and so God left the camp. When Moses went into the tent to visit with God. God told him that he would not go back into the camp because if He did He might destroy them. I feel that America is that way today, we want all the blessing and every thing that goes with it, but yet we are trying to keep Him out of our schools and our country. I would be more than happy to have God with me than to have any of the His blessing, for without God being with me than none of the blessing would mean anything. Hope this finds you healthy and well. I also pray that you continue in God’s will. Jim


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