Topeka Kansas

We took a little half day trip in to Topeka. Charlotte was telling me of a place that her and the daughter hadDrinking there home made Root beer. gone to eat at while they were on a Topeka shopping trip a while back. The place was called the Blind Tiger, the food there was great. I had the rib tips and Charlotte had the burnt ends. The story behind  the Tiger goes back to the prohibition days. TheP1110220 P1110221 establishment would have a stuffed tiger or a tiger of some sort and this would mean they had alcohol that could be purchased. And I guess the law did not know about what the tiger meant. Thus the Blind Tiger.

After leaving the restaurant we decided to go to the Topeka CombatP1110267 Air Museum. It cost $6 a head but I feel it was well worth it. They had two hangers full of all types of air craft. There were at least 35 air craft in the two hangers and 1 Lockheed EC-121T-LO Warning Star setting out side. Yes again since I drug her to the museum I had to take her to the mall to shop, after all that was only fair. If you click on the link below you will be able to see all the planes and other memorabilia.


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