Gallery: Olathe Kansas

Charlotte was looking in the Kansas travel magazine. She saw an article about Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop-Farm which is located in Olathe Kansas. The article talked about this was a stop on the Santa Fe trail and how the Mahaffie’s located here and built there farm. How they would raise their own crops, and take care of the fresh horses for the stagecoach company.

We drove to Olathe to check out the farm. Even though it is in town now it is still a working farm, You can take a walking tour for six dollars and it is worth it. The employees there dress in the Style of the day. They had their own blacksmith to build horse shoes, repair wagon wheels, and tools for the farm. There is a real stagecoach pulled by two horses that you get to ride in so you can have the feel of what it was like. The house and a few of the other buildings are the original buildings. Before we left we also went through the museum.

I love me a good hot dog with chili and onions. My daughter and some of her friends told me about a place called New York Dawg Pond in Overland Park Kansas. I love them they had great flavor with the fresh buns, wieners, and the chili was to die for. Oh yea for you that or vegetarian you can order a dawg and they will put in a carrot instead of a wiener. Of course there was a big shopping mall there that my daughter loves to go to, so while we were that close I had to take the misses shopping there.

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