Baldwin Kanasas

While were at our daughters puppy setting I decided to take Charlotte on a little trip. Neither one us like to make decisions on what or where to eat. I was on my computer looking at Google Earth. I was looking around the part of Kansas we were in. I came across the town of Baldwin City which has Baker collage. Charlotte loves to see collage campus and this one was a beautiful. So I told her to get ready we were going out for lunch and when she asked where, I just told her you will see when we get there.

Baldwin City was not to far from Lawrence so after I had passed all the eating places and was heading out of town she asked again where we were going, again I said you will see. Finley we were at the exit and the sign said Baldwin City and she got excited for she had been wanting to go there. We drove around looking over the campus, of course she had to get out and take pictures. It was a pretty little town with an old train station and some nice looking old homes. The town did not have very many eating places but I had seen a place on Google earth called The Salt Mine so I decided to take her there. Well it was a biker bar but we went ahead and went in to eat. There were only two tall tables with stools and of course the bar. We set at one of the tables and the lady bartender asked what we would like, so I asked what they had that was good and she told us the daily special which was a cheese burger and fries. It was a very good burger.

P1110144 P1110146 P1110148 P1110149 P1110151 P1110154 P1110155 P1110158 P1110160


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