While looking for a Relative.

While I was looking for one of my older relative I discovered something that I did not know. This story started out with my wife bringing me a picture of a couple and asking me who it was? I did not know who it might be and all of my aunts, and uncles have passed away. My folks and my two sisterUnknown couples have also passed. This makes doing genealogy work very hard. I posted the picture on my Facebook page to see if any of my cousins might recognize them.
While I was checking on Facebook my wife got on ancestry.com and was searching on the military part seance the man was in uniform. She found one of my uncles but he was Army and the man in the picture was Navy, I believe his uniform is WWII.
We still do not know who the couple is for while Charlotte was looking at the different records and spotted one that said Harbin and that he was aboard the USS Monticello. Well she knew who that was for he was setting right there in the room with her. She told me about it so of course I looked it up on my computer and started reminiscing for it was a cruse book called USS Monticello 1970. I never knew this book existed. I left the ship in August of 1970. When I went up to the Captain to have my discharge papers signed, he told me that if I would re up that he would promote me to EN2 rank. I had already taken the exam for that rank but seance I was getting out I did not Jim EN 2think any more about it. Any way while I was looking through the book I saw My picture and it had me listed as an EN2. I was surprised for on my discharge papers I am listed as a EN3. Oh well maybe that just meant that I had passed my exam.
The book is located at this address.
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Remembering the old girl and I was sad to see her go.

The grand kids asked me the other day about my Navy days.  After telling them and showing some pictures of the USS Monticello it brought backOne of our Mark 11 some good and some sad memories from when I was aboard her. I was an engineman while on board the Monticello, one of my duties was to go on one of the four small boats. We had two Mark 11 and two VP that was carried on board.

She was commissioned in March of 1957. I did not board her until October of 1968. Even though I was only on board for almost two years I did enjoy my time on her. Even though I missed my family while we were deployed I was able to have my wife with me some ofballast_down_tug well_deck_ops the time. I have some pictures of when the ship was ballast down and took a tug boat in side the well deck. We also loaded 3 Jets on board with our cranes, two went in the well deck and one on the helo deck to be delivered back overseas. Also I got a helo_vietnampicture of a helo landing while we were off the coast of Vietnam. As you can see in one picture we had loaded some troops and their equipment on board whichphantom_helodeck Tug boat in well deck LSD35 tears up the wood in the well deck.



The Monticello spent three months in dry dock at the Bremerton Washington Navel ship yard. While there we received brand new wood in the well deck. So before we loaded aSwim call in the well deckny more Troops in well decktroops we had a swim party where we ballast down, opened the stern gate took on about twelve feet of water then closed the gate.

Our ship held around 350 crew and could haul What a sleeping quater looks like350 troops plus all of their equipment. I have one picture that shows how close the sleeping bunks were.


While refueling out at sea our ship was sucked into the refueling ship and their gun turret ripped us open above the water line thank goodness. I Monticello LSD 35 after collision at sea USS_Cacapon_(AO-529_refueling_Tripoli_(LPH-10)_and_Monticello_(LSD-35)_1967had found this picture taken from the USS Kawishiwi AO 146 which is the ship we collided with. The other picture is of the USS Monticello and The USS Tripoli being refueled at the same time.

The Monticello was decommissioned in 1997 where she was towed out used for target practices and sunk. She will always be in my memory. I know my two youngest grand kids wanted to go see her and go on board her but I had to tell them that it has been sunk and that they can only see her in my pictures.

I have some pictures where the Monticello looks necked from being stripped. I have also add two URL that will show what was done to sink her and to show her finial resting place.

Mo boat being stripped down. Monticello before she was sent to the bottom of the ocean. Monticello being fired upon to be sunk.





Colten’s Birthday Supprise

When all the family went to Houston for Caleb’s Graduation. his younger brother came back to Amarillo to stay several weeks with both sets of P1110141grandparents. After a month the kids came up from Houston to pick him up. They have been looking for a pickup to give Colten for his 16th birthday which is July 14th by the way, They did not find one for him before time to come  and get him. It just happened as they were coming into town his mother was looking at FB on her phone and noticed that one of her friends had posted a pickup for sale. They went and looked it over and decided it was the right one. They did not want to give it to him until his birthday but since they had to get it back to Houston they went ahead and gave it to him. So we were able to see his excitement when they gave it to him. They left today to drive the 12 hours back home.

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