Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 11-12

It has been eleven days since we left home. We have had a great time traveling and seeing parts of Texas our home state that we have never seen. Most of all we our so happy and proud to be able to watch our grandson graduate.

After getting up and around we had breakfast, packed the car and Visiting with are Amarillo kids at the RV park in Kemah TX.checked out of the motel. Met the Amarillo kids at their RV park. We set around reminiscing about when they were kids and how we used to travel around with our RV. Those are good memories we have and Jeff wants to build those kind of memories with his family.

Jeremy and Aubrey joined us after lunch. We all visited until mid afternoon. The kiddos wanted to go swimming again so we went down and watched for a bit, then said our goodbyes and headed out for home. We do not like P1110054to drive through Houston when it is so busy , and since it was a Sunday afternoon it was not as busy as it would be on a week day. We drove about 250 miles down the road and got aHeading home motel. I usually wake up early and get on the road but there was a rain storm coming through so we did not get to leave until around 9:00 which got us home around 5:00 PM.

Dad we are board, we want to go swimming. Noah and uncle Jeremy P1110044 P1110045 P1110048 Snack after the morning swim




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