After the sunset sail.

Jeremy did a exultant job mooring the boat, then everyone pitched in to make sure we cleaned it better than we got it. I disembarked first and took the fresh water hose and washed down the bow and the sides the best I could. We decided we were hungry so Jeremy told us there was a place close by Lets dancecalled T-Bone Toms Steakhouse. They set us out on the patio right next to the live band that was playing. It was so loud you could not hear the waitress when she was trying to take our order. But it was well worth it when the 4 year old asked hisDancing is hard woork dad to dance with him and then he went to his mother and asked her to dance. By the time the food came and he had a bite or two the little man passed out even with all the noise.

Noah and dadNoah and mom cutting a rug P1110039 Tired after a evening of saling


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