A Sunset Sail

P1100965Jeff, Amy, and two boys have not been on the sail boat, so Jeremy had it checked out for Saturday evening. We went to Kemah Texas that is where the boat is docked. Jeremy looked the boat over to make sure it was ready for us to take out. We loaded up then watched as Jeremy and Aubrey did their thing, backing that big long boat away from the pier and then slowly working their way around all the other boats around Kemah and then out into the bay. It was a beautiful evening for sailing, in fact off in the distance we could see a sail boat regatta going on. The two little ones had a blast especially when their uncle Jeremy let them steer the boat.

A sailor like his poppyKemah at night Noah driving the boat P1100964 P1100967 P1100971 P1100974 P1100975 P1100980 P1100981 P1100983 P1100988 P1100996 P1110005 P1110011 P1110015 P1110018 P1110025 Riley driving the boat


4 thoughts on “A Sunset Sail

  1. I used to have a sailboat in Hawaii.
    It was great fun, except on days when it got too windy (small craft warnings), and the boat was kind of halfway tipped over. Then I wished I was safely back on dry land. 😉


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