Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. The Big Day

It is a Beautiful Friday morning June sixth the big day. Caleb is graduMama and Poppy ready for the big dayating high school. Mama and I woke up and started getting around. Not only is this graduation day but it is also my 68th birthday. My wife told me happy birthday and gave me a kiss. I told her thank you but I did not want today to be about me because it is a special day for Caleb and his parents.

We made our way over to the kids house and they were just starting to get up and around. In fact here is where we found The big dayCaleb. He was all stretched out on the couch. Every one started getting up and Jeff and Amy came over we visited until time to get dressed for the graduation. Caleb had to be there early so we all went to eat a little early so he could leave. and meet up with his friends who were graduating also.

After eating we went back to the house to hang out until time to maAubry made this for my birthdayke our way to Reliant Stadium where the graduation was going to be held. I noticed that everyone was gathering in the kitchen and dining room. Colten came in and said poppy you are wanted in the kitchen. When I got in there everyone sang happy birthday to me and Aubrey had made me some delicious birthday Truffle.

Caleb and NoahCaleb and Riley Caleb the graduate. Dad and son getting ready Me and the boys Our boys P1100836 They love their oldest cousin Things are so exciting while wateing on the food.


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