Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 7

We pretty much rested at the motel here in Houston for some of the day. The oldest grand son had school part of the day and the younger one had school all day. Our son had to go out of town for work and was not going to get in till latter that day.

The Amarillo schools have already let out for the summer and so those kids came in today. So after they parked their travel trailer at the RV park they met us at the Houston kids house. We decided we would all go out to eat some BBQ. Coletn wanted to go to Red River Eating and visiting Hanging out and catching up after the meal.BBQ in League City Texas so that’s where we headed. Sorry I did not get a picture of the food itself we were to busy eating it, that is what the Harbin clan likes to do.


5 thoughts on “Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 7

      • Mighty good. I smoke a lot of meat as well. Will usually smoke a quite a bit at once and always have some around. You know we were so dry for so long. When it started raining 3 weeks ago we’ve received now over 14 inches at my place. It’s saturated really well. Thank The Lord. It’s starting to get hot now so the grass should really take off. The only bad part is it feels like we are in Houston or NEw Orleans. Have a great rest of the day.


      • Sounds great and we have had rain also but not as much as you. The lake I told you about has risen around 5 feet though. God is blessing us. Jim


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