Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 6 Part 3

After leaving the state park we went to the Fort/ mission called Presidio La Bahia, which was just across the bridge from the park. It was built next to P1100768the Guadalupe River in 1726 by the Spanish Army and the mission part is still used to this day. This is a nice place to visit plus they have a little movie to help explain what happened to the fort and James Fannin plus his troops.


P1100770P1100794 P1100793 P1100792 P1100791 P1100790 P1100789 P1100788 P1100782 P1100781 P1100778 P1100773 P1100771


We were told that the monument for Fannin is back behind the fort a couple blocks. The Statue of the Angle of Goliad and of Genral Ignaico ZaragoZa.

Angel of Goliad P1100799 P1100801 P1100802 P1100805 Skull Door Where James Fannin and his men are buried


Our daughter-in-law had sent us an invite that if we were in town, Gringos Mexican food restaurant in Pearland was helping raise money for the Pearland swim team. We love eating at Gringos when we are in town plus Our 16-year-old grandson is on that team. Charlotte and I decided to go ahead and drive in and surprise the family. A certain amount of the ticket would go to the team. As we were heading out-of-town we saw a sign telling us where the Fannin Battleground was so of course we stopped by there.

Fannin Battelground P1100747 P1100810 P1100816 P1100817 P1100820 P1100821


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