Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 6 Part 1

Charlotte had been reading up on some Texas history about little town called Golaid Texas. So after breakfast we loaded Golaid into are Garmin and away we went. We had to go through San Antonio Texas so I said lets go by the Alamo again for we had been there several years ago.

Of course when we got there we hit a lot of road construction. I drove by the Alamo but it was so busy down town that I could not take my eyes off the road long enough to look. I was behind a truck so I could not see what was ahead, the lane I was in ended and so I was supposed to turn left, but being behind the truck I could not see it until it was to late and I ended up following the truck inside of a parking garage where there was construction going on also. I stopped when I saw a crane coming my direction and there was a truck behind me so I was blocked in. The crane stopped and the driver came over he told me that he would back up so I could get turned around. I told him that I had enough room so I turned around and had to go against traffic to get out and back on the street. Once I was out the Garmin kept trying to get me to go that way again so I ended up driving several blocks out of the way so it would recalculate and get me back on the highway.  We had a big laugh about that after we finely made it back on the road, we decided that was a waste of time.

It was around noon when we reached Golaid. We drove around loCourt house in Golaid Texasoking at the courthouse and the big hanging tree out on the lawn. It was a neat looking town and there were trees in the road that you would have to drive around. After looking around we went to a burger place called Whataburger and had some lunch.

Down town Goliad Texas Famous Hanging tree. One of severial trees that is in the strees of Golaid Texas


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