Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 5 Part 2

In the day 5 part 1 blog I said we talked about eating breakfast in P1100683Town. Well we drove into town and I wanted to see where the old Fort Davis was located. We were going to visit there after breakfast, I turned in to drive so I could turn around. I said to Charlotte why don’t we go ahead and visit the National park while it was cool outside and we can eat afterwords. I am glad we did go ahead for we were the only ones there that early plus there was just a little breeze which helped keep you cool. After looking over the grounds we went into the office/ store to watch a 15 min movie about the Fort, The fort was established in 1854 to help protect people travelling between El Paso and San Antonio.  I added a link to The National Park.


P1100691P1100682 P1100686 P1100687 P1100690 P1100697 P1100698 P1100707 P1100708 P1100712 P1100716 P1100718 Part of the orignal Fort Davis Refurbashed home at Ft Davis


As I said we got there just in time for while we were setting in the movie people started pouring in and we could not hear the movie very well. It was a Chevy Corvette club, I did not get any pictures of the cars but they were beautiful. Needles to say we did not eat breakfast we decided to get on down the road. We drove for a while and connected back up with InP1100726terstate 10 and then into Fort Stockton Texas. We saw a Walmart so I decided we would pull in and fill up with gas. We figured we would just get something to snack on and get on down the road. We  drove as far as Kerrville Texas
where we decided to stop and spend the night. Kerrville, is a pretty town and the Guadalupe River runs through town.

P1100727 P1100729 P1100731


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