Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 5 Part 1

I some times wake up early as I did this day. I got dressed and quietly left the room to go get some coffee. Then I went back and set there in the darkP1100656 in front of our room looking at the stares and sipping my coffee. You could just barely see the sky changing as the sun was starting come up when my neighbor came outside also. We were talking about how beautiful the day was going to be when Charlotte came out bringing the camera. I want put up all the pictures she took of the sun coming up but I thought they all turned out great so here are jut a few.

P1100659 P1100662 P1100667 P1100670 P1100678 P1100679

After the Sun came up we went  in and started getting ready to head out. We decided to eat breakfast in town so Charlotte walked around to the office while I brought the car around. It looks like she had to snap just a few more shots of the Lodge for it was a beautiful building.

Indian Lodge before we left The big room



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