Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 4 Part 2

When we finished the tour of the observatory we drove back down to theHonor of the CCC Civilian Conservation Corps state park. We then went to the Indian lodge to check in and get our room. This lodge was built by the C.C.C. Civilian  Conversation Corps back in 1934-1936. The park ranger told us that we had a great room where we could set out side and enjoy the view. She told us that around dusk Vew of the Lodgesome of the wild life comes out and strolls around in the field just out our room.

It was getting close to dinner time and since we had already eaten at the lodge once today we decided to drive into Fort Davis look around and find a place to eat. Fort Davis is not all that big so it did not take us long to look around. We did find a little grocery store that also sold sandwiches of different kinds. The kid behind the counter said they had just cooked a brisket and they had a special on a chopped beef sandwich so that is what we got.

We then drove back to the park and we decided to drive up to the lookout point. It was a pretty drive. When we got up there I thought I would see if we could get any phone service and sure enough we had 3-4 bars so we took that opportunity to call all the kids and let them know where we were and that we were doing great.

We had met a couple in the room next to our so we were visiting outsiCharlotte caught me doing what I like to dode in our porch swing. I had my binoculars also looking around seeing what wildlife I might spot. I spotted something moving around the trees about 200 yards away it was a heard of javelina which is a wild pig. I added a web site on this from the Texas Parks and Wildlife.


We could not see how low the sun was for we were setting in the shadow of the lodge, when suddenly a Polecat or (Skunk) came walking up the side-walk, we all just sat real still because it was already to close and we did not want to startle it. He came within two feet of us and just walked on by like there was not a soul around, he went over to the trash can smelled around it than left. Charlotte said that was the closest she had ever been around a live skunk before and she never wants to be that close again.

India Lodge out side of office India Lodge Lodge from a distance Our room at Indian Lodge P1100640 P1100644 P1100646 Pool The big room in the lodge. Vew from our room


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