Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 4 Part 1

We left EL Paso on Interstate 10 heading East/Southeast. I have always wanted to see the McDonald Observatory which is just south of Interstate 10 located in the Davis Mountains. It took us a good while to get out of EL Paso due to it being so big but once we did the speed went up to 80 MPH.

I am not sure how far we were out of town or how close we were to the border of Mexico when I started seeing signs saying all traffic must stop ahead. sure enough we started up this mountain and when we topped it both lanes of traffic had to pull over the trucks in the right lane and cars in the left. I could see flashing lights ahead so at first I thought there might have been a wreck or something, but the closer we got I could see it was the border patrol. It took a bit of time for us to finely get to the front of the line, we saw I guess they were drug sniffing dogs going by each vehicle and the border patrol agent asked if we were US citizens, when I said yes he motioned us on through.

We arrived at the observatory shortly after 11 am. We went inside the visitor center to check out when any tours might be starting and found out P1100608not till around 1 pm. Fort Davis State Park was only a few more miles down the mountain so we drove on down and had lunch at the Lodge where we were going to spend the night. After our lunch we drove back up and took the tour, it was well worth the eight dollars a peace. I highly recommend that if you are ever in this part of Texas you check out the observatory. Oh by the way did I mention that this is part of the University of Texas.


McDonald's ObservatoryP1100609 P1100611 P1100613 P1100614 P1100619 P1100625 P1100628 Some of the Davis Mountins. This tellascope is big enough for a man to walk in and clean the mirrors at the base of it.


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