Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 3 Part 1

We have always heard that the temperatures in EL Paso was HOT but luckily while we were there the temp was around 85-90 degrees F. it is a dry heat like we have in Amarillo so it was not to bad for us. The forecast for the next few days are for the tipple digit though.

We took our time getting up and eating breakfast for we wanted to give Charlotte’s cousin time to eat her breakfast and have her morning coffee. We picked her up around 10 AM and headed for down town. EL Paso is a huge city and is split in half by a mountain. She pointed out several neat buildings. Even on a Saturday morning down town was busy. The next thing I knew we were next to the Mexican border. The highway followed the Rio Grande River and you can see over into Mexico. In fact we were getting close to our exit and she told me that when I get off the highway that I had better stay to the left and turn left for if I go to the right we would be crossing into Mexico.The girls wanted to see some of the old missions so we followed some of the mission trail.

Neustra Senora de Socorro Mission P1100538 P1100539 P1100540 P1100545 P1100558 P1100563 San Elcario Cathiolic Church Ysleta Mission


8 thoughts on “Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 3 Part 1

    • We left the next day and I think the weatherman said that it was to git up over a hundred the next few days, in fact one day it was to get up to 109, so We left just in time. We have been to Arizona in the summer and I thought the sole of my shoe was going to melt on the sidewalk. Have a wonderful day and stay cool. Jim


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