Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 2 Part 1

After having a good nights sleep at the lodge in Ruidoso NM. Charlotte went for a walk  she wanted to get a closer look at the stream running down from the mountain. I did not Streamgo with her for it is very hard on me to walk especially on un-level ground. She got some great pictures of wood carvings that people had around their home and by the stream

. Beautiful carving Carving of indian diving Indian and papoose Wood carvings

When she returned we went to breakfast and then drove around town then up by the Inn of the Mountain Gods and Resort to look it over. There was aGolf course beautiful lake and golf course. Then we were driving by the city park and noticed some deer grazing in the park. I parked the car and Charlotte walked around the park, The deer would just stand there and let her stop take pictures then walk on by .

Deer in the city park Deer watching Charlotte walking by.

Afterwords we drove back to the lodge packed up and headed toward EL Paso Texas.


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