Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 1

We decided about a week before time to go to Pearland Texas to see our grandson walk across the stage and receive his High school diploma, that we would leave early and see parts of Texas that we have not seen. My wife has a cousin that lives in El Paso Texas and we have never been to that part so we decided to visit their.

We have some good friends who told us about a wonderful lodge in Ruidoso New Mexico so we decided we would go there first and spend the night. On the way we went through the town of Roswell NM which has the reputation of having UFO (Unidentified Flying Object.) They have a beautiful court-house and out on the front lawn a memorial to all of their military men who were killed in the different wars. Also a monument of the Ten Commandments in stone. We stopped at the McDonald’s for a soda pop and Charlotte had to take a picture of there sign.

McDonald's sign Roswell sign Ten Comandments in Roswell War memorial at Roswell court house

After leaving Roswell we headed on to Ruidoso NM. The town was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and it was a beautiful town. We found our Lodge and our friends were right it was nice.

from our front porch Our room at Shadow Mountin Lodge Room in Shadow Mountin Lodge

After checking in we went back into town and had dinner at the Corner Stone Bakery. We both had the Jalapeno and Cheddar hamburgers it was to die for. The bun was made right there in the bakery and when they put the bun on the grill the cheese would melt out on to the burger man it was good and fresh.


11 thoughts on “Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 1

    • Congrats back to you. It is so good to see how they have grown, and now off to collage. We started out on May 29th and he did not graduate until June 6th. So I have a lot to blog on. Have a great day. Jim


  1. I reckon the Billboard with that li’l green alien should have Corner Stone Bakery instead of the big-golden-Arches next to him – by the sounds of your burgers there it must be why the li’l green aliens came there in the first place 😀 Nice adventure, the place sounds very homey and friendly


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