Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 11-12

It has been eleven days since we left home. We have had a great time traveling and seeing parts of Texas our home state that we have never seen. Most of all we our so happy and proud to be able to watch our grandson graduate.

After getting up and around we had breakfast, packed the car and Visiting with are Amarillo kids at the RV park in Kemah TX.checked out of the motel. Met the Amarillo kids at their RV park. We set around reminiscing about when they were kids and how we used to travel around with our RV. Those are good memories we have and Jeff wants to build those kind of memories with his family.

Jeremy and Aubrey joined us after lunch. We all visited until mid afternoon. The kiddos wanted to go swimming again so we went down and watched for a bit, then said our goodbyes and headed out for home. We do not like P1110054to drive through Houston when it is so busy , and since it was a Sunday afternoon it was not as busy as it would be on a week day. We drove about 250 miles down the road and got aHeading home motel. I usually wake up early and get on the road but there was a rain storm coming through so we did not get to leave until around 9:00 which got us home around 5:00 PM.

Dad we are board, we want to go swimming. Noah and uncle Jeremy P1110044 P1110045 P1110048 Snack after the morning swim




After the sunset sail.

Jeremy did a exultant job mooring the boat, then everyone pitched in to make sure we cleaned it better than we got it. I disembarked first and took the fresh water hose and washed down the bow and the sides the best I could. We decided we were hungry so Jeremy told us there was a place close by Lets dancecalled T-Bone Toms Steakhouse. They set us out on the patio right next to the live band that was playing. It was so loud you could not hear the waitress when she was trying to take our order. But it was well worth it when the 4 year old asked hisDancing is hard woork dad to dance with him and then he went to his mother and asked her to dance. By the time the food came and he had a bite or two the little man passed out even with all the noise.

Noah and dadNoah and mom cutting a rug P1110039 Tired after a evening of saling


A Sunset Sail

P1100965Jeff, Amy, and two boys have not been on the sail boat, so Jeremy had it checked out for Saturday evening. We went to Kemah Texas that is where the boat is docked. Jeremy looked the boat over to make sure it was ready for us to take out. We loaded up then watched as Jeremy and Aubrey did their thing, backing that big long boat away from the pier and then slowly working their way around all the other boats around Kemah and then out into the bay. It was a beautiful evening for sailing, in fact off in the distance we could see a sail boat regatta going on. The two little ones had a blast especially when their uncle Jeremy let them steer the boat.

A sailor like his poppyKemah at night Noah driving the boat P1100964 P1100967 P1100971 P1100974 P1100975 P1100980 P1100981 P1100983 P1100988 P1100996 P1110005 P1110011 P1110015 P1110018 P1110025 Riley driving the boat

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. The Day after

The next day which was Saturday June 7th. We slept in to let theP1100947 others sleep late also for we knew they were up late. Aubrey was having a come and go party for Caleb so friends and family could come by to congratulate him. So that afternoon we went over a little early so we could be there when his friends came by.

P1100948Basket of goodies for his dorm at collage Caleb showing off what he got at his come and go graudation party Frinds stop by Mom and son P1100950 P1100953 P1100958 P1100959


After all this excitement with Caleb, I remembered that Colten had received a defensive player of the year award from his water polo team at school. We asked him to get it and show it to us.Colten with his defensive player of the year on water polo

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. The Big Day Part 2

It was time for us to get to Reliant Stadium (where the Houston Texans P1100865play) for the graduation. The class of 2014 at Pearland high school had 720 seniors graduating and this is why they had to have a place as big as the stadium. I can not explain how proud I am of my children and grandchildren. The college that Caleb has chosen to go to has less students in the entire college than he had in his senior class at high school.

Caleb and ColtenCaleb and his cousins Caleb and Jeremy Caleb reciving his deploma Mama, Poppy, and Caleb P1100866 P1100867 P1100873 P1100874 P1100879 P1100885 The Houston Family

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. The Big Day

It is a Beautiful Friday morning June sixth the big day. Caleb is graduMama and Poppy ready for the big dayating high school. Mama and I woke up and started getting around. Not only is this graduation day but it is also my 68th birthday. My wife told me happy birthday and gave me a kiss. I told her thank you but I did not want today to be about me because it is a special day for Caleb and his parents.

We made our way over to the kids house and they were just starting to get up and around. In fact here is where we found The big dayCaleb. He was all stretched out on the couch. Every one started getting up and Jeff and Amy came over we visited until time to get dressed for the graduation. Caleb had to be there early so we all went to eat a little early so he could leave. and meet up with his friends who were graduating also.

After eating we went back to the house to hang out until time to maAubry made this for my birthdayke our way to Reliant Stadium where the graduation was going to be held. I noticed that everyone was gathering in the kitchen and dining room. Colten came in and said poppy you are wanted in the kitchen. When I got in there everyone sang happy birthday to me and Aubrey had made me some delicious birthday Truffle.

Caleb and NoahCaleb and Riley Caleb the graduate. Dad and son getting ready Me and the boys Our boys P1100836 They love their oldest cousin Things are so exciting while wateing on the food.

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 7

We pretty much rested at the motel here in Houston for some of the day. The oldest grand son had school part of the day and the younger one had school all day. Our son had to go out of town for work and was not going to get in till latter that day.

The Amarillo schools have already let out for the summer and so those kids came in today. So after they parked their travel trailer at the RV park they met us at the Houston kids house. We decided we would all go out to eat some BBQ. Coletn wanted to go to Red River Eating and visiting Hanging out and catching up after the meal.BBQ in League City Texas so that’s where we headed. Sorry I did not get a picture of the food itself we were to busy eating it, that is what the Harbin clan likes to do.

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 6 Part 3

After leaving the state park we went to the Fort/ mission called Presidio La Bahia, which was just across the bridge from the park. It was built next to P1100768the Guadalupe River in 1726 by the Spanish Army and the mission part is still used to this day. This is a nice place to visit plus they have a little movie to help explain what happened to the fort and James Fannin plus his troops.


P1100770P1100794 P1100793 P1100792 P1100791 P1100790 P1100789 P1100788 P1100782 P1100781 P1100778 P1100773 P1100771


We were told that the monument for Fannin is back behind the fort a couple blocks. The Statue of the Angle of Goliad and of Genral Ignaico ZaragoZa.

Angel of Goliad P1100799 P1100801 P1100802 P1100805 Skull Door Where James Fannin and his men are buried


Our daughter-in-law had sent us an invite that if we were in town, Gringos Mexican food restaurant in Pearland was helping raise money for the Pearland swim team. We love eating at Gringos when we are in town plus Our 16-year-old grandson is on that team. Charlotte and I decided to go ahead and drive in and surprise the family. A certain amount of the ticket would go to the team. As we were heading out-of-town we saw a sign telling us where the Fannin Battleground was so of course we stopped by there.

Fannin Battelground P1100747 P1100810 P1100816 P1100817 P1100820 P1100821

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 6 Part 2

After lunch we drove out to the Goliad State Park. Located just Inside the park is the Mission Espiritu Santo. This mission was built in the 1750’s andP1100747 refurbished by the CCC in 1930. While we were walking around in the mission one of the rangers came by and asked if we had any questions. We had stepped out one of the doors into the courtyard area. The ranger asked if we were sure we wanted to go out that door. When Charlotte Skull Doorasked why he told us that was the death door and told us to look up. When we looked up you could see the skull and crossbones. He told us that if you did not know Jesus or when you die they would carry you through this door. I do not know if that is true but that is the first church that had seen with a skull and crossbones over the door.

P1100746P1100748 P1100752 P1100753 P1100755 P1100756 P1100757 P1100767



Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 6 Part 1

Charlotte had been reading up on some Texas history about little town called Golaid Texas. So after breakfast we loaded Golaid into are Garmin and away we went. We had to go through San Antonio Texas so I said lets go by the Alamo again for we had been there several years ago.

Of course when we got there we hit a lot of road construction. I drove by the Alamo but it was so busy down town that I could not take my eyes off the road long enough to look. I was behind a truck so I could not see what was ahead, the lane I was in ended and so I was supposed to turn left, but being behind the truck I could not see it until it was to late and I ended up following the truck inside of a parking garage where there was construction going on also. I stopped when I saw a crane coming my direction and there was a truck behind me so I was blocked in. The crane stopped and the driver came over he told me that he would back up so I could get turned around. I told him that I had enough room so I turned around and had to go against traffic to get out and back on the street. Once I was out the Garmin kept trying to get me to go that way again so I ended up driving several blocks out of the way so it would recalculate and get me back on the highway.  We had a big laugh about that after we finely made it back on the road, we decided that was a waste of time.

It was around noon when we reached Golaid. We drove around loCourt house in Golaid Texasoking at the courthouse and the big hanging tree out on the lawn. It was a neat looking town and there were trees in the road that you would have to drive around. After looking around we went to a burger place called Whataburger and had some lunch.

Down town Goliad Texas Famous Hanging tree. One of severial trees that is in the strees of Golaid Texas