Dirt in the Texas Panhandle

This has been a crazy weather season in America. We have been having tornadoes, flooding and high wends in different parts of the US. Today 4/29/2014 we are having wind gust up to 60 and 70 miles an hour here in the Texas panhandle and since we have been in such a drought the dirt is blowing every where, Thanks to a lady here in Amarillo getting this picture I thought I would share it with you all. I am thankful to the Lord that we are only getting the wend and not the tornadoes  like they or having back east. To top it off we are supposed to get down to freezing tonight.Dert storm


30 thoughts on “Dirt in the Texas Panhandle

    • Thank you and I do too. It will that is one thing about this part of the country, They say if you don’t like the weather just hang around 15 minutes and it will change. This might take a little longer. Have a blessed day. jim


  1. We’ve had the same type winds in NE Ok. We did have a couple of deaths from tornadoes 2 days ago about 75 miles from here. In fact we are having a lot of dust in the air from west of here. It may be from you’re neck of the woods.


      • I will do that. I left the county extension office a couple hours ago speaking with the agent. He said because of the El Niño if it continues won’t get much rain until Fall. We are several inches behind already too and there won’t be any hay if we don’t get rain quickl my first cutting is usually the 3 rd week of May. Right now there is nothing to cut. 60% of the country is in some sort of drought now I’m told.


      • That is what I understand also. We have a lake about 50 miles NE of us. It used to be 99 feet deep at the dam and it stand at 34 feet now. I was not alive during the dust bowl days but this is what I thank it must have been like.


      • Around here the records show it to be drier than the dust bowl days but our farming practices have changed. In western Ok. and that area the Ogallah aquafer is where they are getting the water for crops. It is to be depleted within 15 years. They had better forget the crops in those areas and plant buffalo grass and graze cattle. Like always, they’ll wait until the very last and get into trouble.


      • That is so true, I know we have a lot of land with CRP grass to help with erosion and I am not sure where all this dirt is coming from, it may be New Mexico but I am not sure. But they are losing a lot of real estate.


  2. That does sound challenging. This will be my family’s first year of living through a winter again as we were living in wet and dry season place, and it never became that cold. All the best.


    • Thank you, They are forecasting this wend will dye down around 10 pm central time and the temp should drop down to about 32 degrees F. Things look better the rest of the week. Have a blessed day. jim


    • Yes it has just during last week we have had freezing, blowing dirt, and 90 degree weather. Oh well God is steel in control and we are thankful that we are not having tornadoes, Floods, or fires, and earthquakes. Have a blessed day. Jim


    • Well we heard that he is to have surgery on the 12th to ether have pins or maybe a plate installed to help hold it together until it heals. Thank you for your comment and have a blessed day. Jim


    • We have always had a lot of wind here but it just seams to be blowing harder and as dry as we are the dirt just gets mixed up in it. Have a blessed day. Jim


    • Well I am not sure what she is doing, for we have had more wend some near freezing temps, and a town about 40 miles NE of us had a wild fire which destroyed 150 homes and took 1 life. We are continuing praying for rain. Thank you for your comment. Jim


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