Good Grief

I have no earthly Idea how a person can have good grief. But what is upsetting is here it is April 13th and the high today was 71 ye-hall. But as I am writing at 9:38 pm the wind is howling the temp has dropped to 39 Degrees F. We are supposed to get 1 to 2 inches of blowing snow with a low of 26 degrees F. So much for it being spring time.

That is the way it is in the Texas panhandle, if you don;t like the weather hang around five minutes and it will change.


14 thoughts on “Good Grief

    • Yes it has been a long winter. The weather people here say that our latest freeze is around April 18 Th. so I am hoping this will be the last one. Have a blessed week. Jim


  1. We are getting the same kind of weather here in Ontario, calling for freezing rain/ice pellets and snow!!! My mother always says “good grief”!! Never really gave it much thought until I read your post 😀


    • That what I thought but we do need the moisture. I would have a lot happier if it had been warm rain. The Good Lord did not ask me He just gave it to us and so I should say thank you dear Lord for the moisture and be grateful for it. have a blessed day. Jim


    • Aw Good grief Michigan you have such a beautiful state. We have driven through your state and we visited Interlochen. My wife went to music camp there back when she was in school. Have a wonderful day. Jim


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