Monday Meeting — Ohio Boy Pays It Forward

This is such a touching and wonderful story about an eight year old boy and his paying it forward. We all need to follow his lead. Thank you Miles.

Soul Gatherings

Meet 8 year old Miles Eckert, a boy who finds a $20 bill in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, and see how he โ€œpays it forwardโ€ to Ohio Air National Guardsman Lt. Col. Frank Dailey.

Video Credit: CBS Evening News; โ€œOn the Road with Steve Hartmanโ€

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19 thoughts on “Monday Meeting — Ohio Boy Pays It Forward

  1. I love the story, it’s enough to give me hope and days with so many people are selfish and seem to have little time to consider others.
    Thank you for reading my story and leaving a comment. I enjoyed reading the story you had posted about paying it forward and will return again.
    Ps: 2 family navy men, 1 chief-my brother, and one master chief still serving, a son.


    • Thank you Alex fro reading and commenting. Tell you son and brother that this old Engine-man 3rd class tells them thank you for their services. Have a blessed day. Jim


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