St Patrick day

I wish all a four leaf clover for the Irish luck. For the last 44 years I love March 17th and St Patrick day. My first born came in to this world on this day. I have written before about how she was 5 months old before I was able to see her. My ship had just left Pearl Harbor heading back to Vietnam when I received a message form the Red Cross that I was the proud dad of a baby girl.

We always try to see her on her birthday so we went to Kansas last Wednesday so we could spend some time with her. This morning though we had to get back to Amarillo because we had a class tonight plus Charlotte had a Symphony rehearsal. We were up bright and early gave our sweet girl a birthday kiss and hug, wished her a great birthday, and left heading home.

I know she will be reading this so I am going to take this time to let her knowP1100424 and the world know that her mother and I are so proud of how she has turned out and that we love her with all our hearts. Happy Birthday Sis. Love dad.


15 thoughts on “St Patrick day

  1. I am glad that the two of you are so connected with your family. I have witnessed so many families who don’t care for eachother at all, that is a sad thing, as you get older it is easier to see the importance of loved ones and family, or the lack there of it.


    • The Lord has blessed me with a loving family, I know I have some friends that their children want nothing to do with them and that is so sad. Have a blessed day and up coming weekend. Jim


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