Birthday Cruise Day Seven (All good things must come to an end).:(

Every thing was going a lot faster than it was when we came on board ship. While I was up getting coffee the girls are getting their last shower and getting ready to leave. I went back to the cabin to help with our carry on luggage and we went up for breakfast. We heard an announcement that all the ship was waiting on was for customs to come aboard the ship and give the okay to disembark. Jeff and his family came up and joined us for breakfast while waiting for the word that we could leave. Some where around 08:00 they started the disembarking process, and they started with deck one with people carrying all of their own luggage. Jeremy’s family decided to take this option so they were one of the first ones to leave the ship. We did not get to see them before they left the ship, and it was close to 09:30 before the rest of us was able to disembark.

P1100421 P1100418 P1100413 P1100409 P1100408 P1100407 P1100406

When we made it down to the line to go through Customs the line was pretty long and I thought well here we go again. But a security lady came by and said if you have your passports you may enter this other line. We passed all these other people until we were almost at the custom booth. Then I heard another person saying if you do not have a passport then have your birth certificate and ID out, I thought every one was supposed to have a passport.

I got on the bus to take me to the parking lot and picked up our car then drove back to ship, picked up the luggage, and the girls. We headed off to Houston and Jeremy;s house so we could give them a good bye hug and kiss before we headed home. Jeff had stopped by there also so we were able to give all the family hugs, I told Jeff to be careful driving home, then we left for we had to take our daughter to Hobby airport. It was around 11:00 when we dropped her off and then the long drive home, we made it home safely in Amarillo around 21:00 Aah home sweet home.


30 thoughts on “Birthday Cruise Day Seven (All good things must come to an end).:(

    • Thank you Neeky for reading and I hope it was not to boring. I just enjoy sharing my family for I am so proud of every one of them. Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚ Jim


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