Birthday Cruise Day Five

After the ship sailed from Cozumel we went down to the main dining room for dinner. The only part of the family that did not join us was Jeremy and Aubrey, They said that they were going to eat up on the lido deck. So after we finished our meal we met up with them on the lido deck and visited until bed time.

P1100344 P1100346 P1100347 P1100353 P1100356

The next morning I was up early as usual and went up for my morning coffee, it looked like it was going to be another gorgeous day. Around nine everyone decided to go to the main dinning room for breakfast.

P1100361 P1100362 P1100363 P1100366 P1100369

We had a fun day at sea and it was warm enough the kids wanted to go swimming. Of course Charlotte is like a fish out of water so she went in with them. Every since she has lost all her weight she gets cold fairly easy. Even P1100395 P1100396though the water was cold, when it comes to her kids or grand kids she will do it. They had a blast but I think the two youngest ones enjoyed the showers better than the pool, made me wonder if it was warmer than the pool.

P1100370 P1100374 P1100376 P1100379 P1100383 P1100387 P1100388 P1100392

We noticed that it was starting to get foggy again, in fact every two minutes we could hear the fog horn. Around 1800 we went down for our last dinner in the P1100402Paris dinning room. While we were eating we could feel the ship vibrating with a rumbling noise. Every one was looking at each other wondering what was going on, I told them that the ship just dropped anchor, even though it has been years since I was in the navy I remember that sound. Shortly after that the captain came on the intercom telling us that the port of Galveston was closed due to the fog and that we can not enter the harbor until it opens again. We were to have our luggage packed and setting out next to our state room door by eleven o’clock so that it can be picked up and taken down to be off loaded when the ship docks.


14 thoughts on “Birthday Cruise Day Five

    • Yes Honey we did have a wonderful time, it was so neat to watch all four grand kids faces as they enjoyed the ship. They were just has bad as I was when it came to all the ice cream you could eat. Have a wonderful week. Jim 🙂


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