Birthday Cruise Day Three

After getting a good night sleep I was up early. I got dressed and slipped out of the room for I did not want to wake the wife and daughter. Our state-room was forward on the port side, (for people who do not know that is the left side of the ship) and the coffee was on the Lido deck aft. At least I was getting my exercise walking back and forth to the room. I always enjoyed getting coffee and setting watching the white caps on the water passing by as the ship slides through the water. On all the other cruises I have been on it seems like there would always be three are four of us old salts in that huge dining room drinking coffee, I guess no one else wanted to get up that early.

When I made it back to the room I found these two doing girl talk, you would think P1100305they never get to talk since our daughter lives nine hours away from her mother. It seems like no mater what you can always get beautiful pictures of sun rises out on the open water. It was a great day starting off out at sea and even though it was still a little cooler than we expected I had to step out on the balcony to get a couple of shots of the sun rise. Although the sun had already came up it looked like the sunrise breaking over the clouds.

P1100306 P1100307

After a little bit Jeff and his two little ones came up to visit us and of course those P1100308two had to go out on the balcony so they could watch the water go by. We decided that we would P1100313go to the main dining room to eat breakfast. Noah was so impressed when they brought a fruit plate out and the fruit looked like a happy face. He would not eat the grapes because they were eyes. Afterwords we went up on the Lido deck and caught up with the rest of the group eating their breakfast and of course I had to have an ice cream cone.


Every cruise ship has at least one night that they call dress up night in the main dinning room. The girls had told the ship that it was the boy’s birthday cruise so that while we were at dinner and it became desert time they brought a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to the boy’s. You could tell that Jeremy and JeffreyP1100317 was surprised but they started to know something was up when we told Jeremy to go down by Jeff so we could get a picture of them.. I do not know how our waitress does it but we only told her our name one time and every night no mater where we set she would call us by name.

MEMO0003 P1100316 P1100318 P1100319


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