Birthday Cruise Day Two

Our 4 day cruise starts today 02/20/2014 aboard the Carnival Triumph, That’s right the same TIshiptilejpgship that was in the news back in February 2013. If you remember the ship had an engine fire and was stranded for four days in Gulf of Mexico. We knew the ship had been repaired and cleaned from stem to stern.

Okay here is how our first day ended up. We woke up and was excited about getting started on our cruise. We were to report to the dock around 12:00 pm to start the boarding process and the ship was to leave around 4 pm. We received a text from Carnival about 8:30 am saying the ship was being delayed due to fog and that they would keep us informed by text and do not come to the ship until they said it was okay to do so. Finley we got the go to come down to Galveston and star going through security at 3 pm. While we were getting in line to board the ship there were people still trying to get off the ship from their cruise. We ended up in line for two and half hours going through security and then getting our boarding pass from Carnival before we could go on board. My feet and back was killing me by this time, my kids kept telling me to go set down and they would get me when we reached the desk for our boarding pass. Like a dummy I said no I will stay with them.

Harbin clan cruise

Finley we made it to our cabin so we put away our carry on luggage and made our way up to deck nine where the food was. We found where they were serving Guys burgers so we got us one set down to eat. We barely finished when we had to go to the abandon ship drill that all cruise ships have you do before they can leave port. Here again we had to stand packed in like sardines for a good 45 min while they explain how to put on your life jacket and show that this is where you come in case something happens. This was well and good if you have not been through these drill before and if you could understand the person talking, and if we could get the three women standing next to us from talking so loud where you could not hear anyways. It was starting to get foggy again but we set sail around 6: pm. We went back up to the Lido deck which is deck nine, there was some ice cream machines where I could get Ice cream 24 hours a day woo hoo. We visited and tried out the different foods until time to hit the sack.


14 thoughts on “Birthday Cruise Day Two

  1. I bet you were heartily relieved when the boat finally set sail. I hope you that you and your family had a great trip and that the cruise was a success. Looking forward to reading more about it. 😀


  2. oh man, a world of PAIN! Did you put some of the ice cream on your back to bring the swelling of standing around down? Perhaps you went 1-step further and plugged some ice cream cones in your ears to drown out some loud folks on the cruise?

    ..of course, I jest. 🙂

    Love the stories Jim!


  3. I am glad that you are able to do these type of things. It may seem a bit odd to many folks but even though I/we will never be able to afford to do things like what you are doing, I am happy for the people who are so blessed.


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