Birthday Cruise Day One

Back on January 4th I blogged about the surprise my two daughter in-laws had for their husbands. Well the time to go has come and gone we left around 5:30 am on Wednesday morning 02/19/2014 to make the long drive to Houston Texas. It only took us ten and half hours to make the drive from Amarillo Texas. We pulled into the motel around 4:00 pm checked in called our son to let him know that we made it safely and that we would be at his house after we freshen up and stop and get fuel for the car.

We  visited with him until his kids came in from their school activities and Aubrey came home from work. Our other son was running about two hours behind us and they also made it but they hit some of the five o-clock traffic. Our daughters flight from Kansas was coming in around 6:40 pm so mom and I left to pick her up at Hobby Airport. The boys decided that they wanted Sushi so they called to tell us where we could meet them for dinner. I just have not been able to eat raw fish so I ordered chicken and a fork to eat it with then had fun watching them eating with chop sticks. Afterwords we went back to Jeremy’s house to visit a little more before going back to the motel for the night.

P1100299 P1100301 P1100298


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