Gathering of Doves

I am not sure why but this winter it seems we have a gathering going on. The back of our house sets toward the southeast and when the sun comes up it feels good standing at the backdoor. We have a big rain tree and the doves seem to migrate there especially when it gets cold and snowy. I don’t mind too much but they do leave a lot of droppings on my patio. I guess it is warmer by our patio door for they also like to perch on the patio chairs next to the house. I have to be P1100286 P1100288sneaky though to try to get pictures for if we even get a little close to the backdoor they fly away. They also like to perch on the chimney and we can hear them cooing in the fireplace in our living room. I guess I am going to have to hang something on the patio to help keep them off the patio furniture so to help keep the droppings cleaned off.


10 thoughts on “Gathering of Doves

  1. While I was reading this all I could think about were the doves by John’s parents’ old house in England. They were always close by. Made me a little home sick for England.


    • I am glad it gave you good memories but sad it made you home sick. We have been looking at trips to England and other countries over that way, just have not been able to make up our minds. Jim


    • Thank you. Do to only having a ninth grade education and getting my GED high school diploma after reaching my early 30’s I was never sure I could write a story. It bless my heart to receive your complement. I just write the way I would tell it and then have the wife help me spell some of the words. Some times she will read it later and tell me where I might have messed up and then I will go in and correct it. Again Thank you and have a blessed day. Jim


  2. Thank you, have a blessed day as well. Learning your history, I love your blog even more. By the way, you two are a fine looking couple…fabulous!


  3. I miss reading your posts!

    (and miss seeing you on mine – hehe)

    I checked this one out, i.e. googled, and landed here: . So what this suggests is that there may be a larger flock somewhere close by and they landed at yours because they had to ‘split up’. Perhaps they picked up more members through the season causing the overflow to your place.

    Just a theory.


    • Thank you for your theory and that may very well be it. Sorry it took so long to get back to you for I have been out of pocket with out my computer, man did I feel naked. You might check back later, I will be writing about the cruse we just got home from. Have a blessed day. Jim


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