Surprise Surprise Suprise

I blogged yesterday 02/06/2014 about how much we needed moisture. Well that got me to remembering that the night of Feb. 6th 1974 it was snowing like crazy. Charlotte was pregnant and was not due to give birth for  another month. We were settled in for the winter night she was standing next to our heater that was mounted in the wall trying to stay warm. Suddenly she said Jim I thank my water just broke. We gathered up our 4-year-old daughter took her over to some friends and I started slip sliding to the hospital. It took me a little while to get there but we made it.  Back in 1974 they would not let the husband go back in the ER or the delivery room. Charlotte told them that she was not due for another month as they attended her. They decided to x-ray her for they did not have sonograms back then. Sure enough they saw three back bones Charlotte’s in the center and two little ones on each side of hers. This is when we found out that we were having twins. The nurse came out to the waiting room to tell me the good news. She also told us that the reason they decided to x-ray her was because there was a set of twins born the night before and that she was also a month early. Well at 6:33 and 6:35 am on Feb. 7th 1974 is when we found out that we had twin boys.

40 Years ago and 1 day

Jeremy on the left and Jeffrey on the right

I would like to tell my boys Happy birthday and that they have been a true blessing to me and their mother. We are so proud of them and how they have turned out. I wont embarrass them to bad when I say that Jeremy says he is the smartest one because he is two minutes older and Jeff says he was because he pushed his brother out so that it would be easier for him. I bet you can tell by looking at the picture which one came out first.






Jeremy and Family now

Harbin family Jeff

Jeffrey and family now


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