Much needed Moisture.

The last few weeks all have been getting was very cold air. Well this time not only did we drop down to 1 Degree Fahrenheit with wind chills from 5-15 degrees below 0. We also received around 3″ to 6″ of snow but it was so dry that melted downP1100284 P1100285 only amounted to a few hundredth of an inch of moisture. We have been so dry that we will take any amount of moisture that we can get. I am hoping and praying that maybe this will be a turnaround for us to get more snow and rain this year.

We have been hearing that the temperature in Russia where the winter Olympics are being held has been in the 40’s Degree F. The last few days we have been hoping for that kind of temps here. The northern parts of the United States might be used to this kind of weather but the folks in Texas or not we are saying come on spring time.


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