Birthday Cruise Day Three

After getting a good night sleep I was up early. I got dressed and slipped out of the room for I did not want to wake the wife and daughter. Our state-room was forward on the port side, (for people who do not know that is the left side of the ship) and the coffee was on the Lido deck aft. At least I was getting my exercise walking back and forth to the room. I always enjoyed getting coffee and setting watching the white caps on the water passing by as the ship slides through the water. On all the other cruises I have been on it seems like there would always be three are four of us old salts in that huge dining room drinking coffee, I guess no one else wanted to get up that early.

When I made it back to the room I found these two doing girl talk, you would think P1100305they never get to talk since our daughter lives nine hours away from her mother. It seems like no mater what you can always get beautiful pictures of sun rises out on the open water. It was a great day starting off out at sea and even though it was still a little cooler than we expected I had to step out on the balcony to get a couple of shots of the sun rise. Although the sun had already came up it looked like the sunrise breaking over the clouds.

P1100306 P1100307

After a little bit Jeff and his two little ones came up to visit us and of course those P1100308two had to go out on the balcony so they could watch the water go by. We decided that we would P1100313go to the main dining room to eat breakfast. Noah was so impressed when they brought a fruit plate out and the fruit looked like a happy face. He would not eat the grapes because they were eyes. Afterwords we went up on the Lido deck and caught up with the rest of the group eating their breakfast and of course I had to have an ice cream cone.


Every cruise ship has at least one night that they call dress up night in the main dinning room. The girls had told the ship that it was the boy’s birthday cruise so that while we were at dinner and it became desert time they brought a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to the boy’s. You could tell that Jeremy and JeffreyP1100317 was surprised but they started to know something was up when we told Jeremy to go down by Jeff so we could get a picture of them.. I do not know how our waitress does it but we only told her our name one time and every night no mater where we set she would call us by name.

MEMO0003 P1100316 P1100318 P1100319


Birthday Cruise Day Two

Our 4 day cruise starts today 02/20/2014 aboard the Carnival Triumph, That’s right the same TIshiptilejpgship that was in the news back in February 2013. If you remember the ship had an engine fire and was stranded for four days in Gulf of Mexico. We knew the ship had been repaired and cleaned from stem to stern.

Okay here is how our first day ended up. We woke up and was excited about getting started on our cruise. We were to report to the dock around 12:00 pm to start the boarding process and the ship was to leave around 4 pm. We received a text from Carnival about 8:30 am saying the ship was being delayed due to fog and that they would keep us informed by text and do not come to the ship until they said it was okay to do so. Finley we got the go to come down to Galveston and star going through security at 3 pm. While we were getting in line to board the ship there were people still trying to get off the ship from their cruise. We ended up in line for two and half hours going through security and then getting our boarding pass from Carnival before we could go on board. My feet and back was killing me by this time, my kids kept telling me to go set down and they would get me when we reached the desk for our boarding pass. Like a dummy I said no I will stay with them.

Harbin clan cruise

Finley we made it to our cabin so we put away our carry on luggage and made our way up to deck nine where the food was. We found where they were serving Guys burgers so we got us one set down to eat. We barely finished when we had to go to the abandon ship drill that all cruise ships have you do before they can leave port. Here again we had to stand packed in like sardines for a good 45 min while they explain how to put on your life jacket and show that this is where you come in case something happens. This was well and good if you have not been through these drill before and if you could understand the person talking, and if we could get the three women standing next to us from talking so loud where you could not hear anyways. It was starting to get foggy again but we set sail around 6: pm. We went back up to the Lido deck which is deck nine, there was some ice cream machines where I could get Ice cream 24 hours a day woo hoo. We visited and tried out the different foods until time to hit the sack.

Birthday Cruise Day One

Back on January 4th I blogged about the surprise my two daughter in-laws had for their husbands. Well the time to go has come and gone we left around 5:30 am on Wednesday morning 02/19/2014 to make the long drive to Houston Texas. It only took us ten and half hours to make the drive from Amarillo Texas. We pulled into the motel around 4:00 pm checked in called our son to let him know that we made it safely and that we would be at his house after we freshen up and stop and get fuel for the car.

We  visited with him until his kids came in from their school activities and Aubrey came home from work. Our other son was running about two hours behind us and they also made it but they hit some of the five o-clock traffic. Our daughters flight from Kansas was coming in around 6:40 pm so mom and I left to pick her up at Hobby Airport. The boys decided that they wanted Sushi so they called to tell us where we could meet them for dinner. I just have not been able to eat raw fish so I ordered chicken and a fork to eat it with then had fun watching them eating with chop sticks. Afterwords we went back to Jeremy’s house to visit a little more before going back to the motel for the night.

P1100299 P1100301 P1100298

Gathering of Doves

I am not sure why but this winter it seems we have a gathering going on. The back of our house sets toward the southeast and when the sun comes up it feels good standing at the backdoor. We have a big rain tree and the doves seem to migrate there especially when it gets cold and snowy. I don’t mind too much but they do leave a lot of droppings on my patio. I guess it is warmer by our patio door for they also like to perch on the patio chairs next to the house. I have to be P1100286 P1100288sneaky though to try to get pictures for if we even get a little close to the backdoor they fly away. They also like to perch on the chimney and we can hear them cooing in the fireplace in our living room. I guess I am going to have to hang something on the patio to help keep them off the patio furniture so to help keep the droppings cleaned off.

Surprise Surprise Suprise

I blogged yesterday 02/06/2014 about how much we needed moisture. Well that got me to remembering that the night of Feb. 6th 1974 it was snowing like crazy. Charlotte was pregnant and was not due to give birth for  another month. We were settled in for the winter night she was standing next to our heater that was mounted in the wall trying to stay warm. Suddenly she said Jim I thank my water just broke. We gathered up our 4-year-old daughter took her over to some friends and I started slip sliding to the hospital. It took me a little while to get there but we made it.  Back in 1974 they would not let the husband go back in the ER or the delivery room. Charlotte told them that she was not due for another month as they attended her. They decided to x-ray her for they did not have sonograms back then. Sure enough they saw three back bones Charlotte’s in the center and two little ones on each side of hers. This is when we found out that we were having twins. The nurse came out to the waiting room to tell me the good news. She also told us that the reason they decided to x-ray her was because there was a set of twins born the night before and that she was also a month early. Well at 6:33 and 6:35 am on Feb. 7th 1974 is when we found out that we had twin boys.

40 Years ago and 1 day

Jeremy on the left and Jeffrey on the right

I would like to tell my boys Happy birthday and that they have been a true blessing to me and their mother. We are so proud of them and how they have turned out. I wont embarrass them to bad when I say that Jeremy says he is the smartest one because he is two minutes older and Jeff says he was because he pushed his brother out so that it would be easier for him. I bet you can tell by looking at the picture which one came out first.






Jeremy and Family now

Harbin family Jeff

Jeffrey and family now

Much needed Moisture.

The last few weeks all have been getting was very cold air. Well this time not only did we drop down to 1 Degree Fahrenheit with wind chills from 5-15 degrees below 0. We also received around 3″ to 6″ of snow but it was so dry that melted downP1100284 P1100285 only amounted to a few hundredth of an inch of moisture. We have been so dry that we will take any amount of moisture that we can get. I am hoping and praying that maybe this will be a turnaround for us to get more snow and rain this year.

We have been hearing that the temperature in Russia where the winter Olympics are being held has been in the 40’s Degree F. The last few days we have been hoping for that kind of temps here. The northern parts of the United States might be used to this kind of weather but the folks in Texas or not we are saying come on spring time.