The kid in all of us

If you have been following my blog you would remember about me talking about my Lamar PTA friends. The five couples of us get together once a month and eat and visit catching up on all of our kid’s. Two years ago Janie who was battling breast cancer for the fourth time finely went home to be with the Lord. Her husband Don instead of giving up and staying to him self has kept meeting with us every month. Don has always wanted a sports car but being the wonderful man he is would not let what he wanted come between his wife and kids. His car blew an engine here while back while on a trip and so he was in a need for another car. While looking he spotted this little number setting on a car lot and it P1100282 P1100283started calling his name. Well he bought it and just had to come by and show it to us and of course give us a ride. Even though it is January and not real warm he just had to have the top down. We are so happy for him and all of us support him in what ever he wants to do.


27 thoughts on “The kid in all of us

  1. We all need something to help us move forward…for me it is a Bernina Sewing machine, we never could afford one when the children were younger and then hubby retired early and we were always on the go. A few months ago when one came along within my price range I decided to purchase it and it was the smartest thing I did. I felt my husbands approval because he always wanted to buy one for me, instead we created wonderful memories with all the trips we took and that to me far outweighed any sewing machine especially now.
    For guys it is a sports car, for most women a fancy sewing machine with all the bells and whistles!!


    • I am so happy that you also was able to get what you had always wanted. I know now that I am retired me and the wife are traveling to places we never were able to visit. Have a blessed day and week. Jim


      • Glad to hear you are doing that. I am grateful my husband and I traveled when we did. We still had things on our list of places to visit but in the past 10 years we were able to cross off plenty.


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