A Christmas/ Birthday supprise

Jeremy who is older by two minutes


Jeffery the youngest

I have two of the sweetest daughter-in-laws. A couple of months ago the one that lives here was telling us that they had decided to surprise there husbands with a 4 day cruse for their 40th birthday. Our sons turn 40 in February and so to give them time to be make arrangements to get off work they gave them there presents for Christmas. The girls then made two cards one a number 4 and the other a number zero. They explained about the cruse with the whole family and then had every one singe them. Then they wrapped the cards with two identical Christmas presents. One of our traditions is to go around the room taking turns with opening presents. When we came to these two presents they told the boys that they had to open them at the same time. First they had shirts that looked a like and was tropical looking. The boys said that they had not dressed a like in years, of course when they unfolded the shirts is when the cards fell out and they realized what was going on. I am glade the cat is out of the bag because it has been so hard not to say any thing while being around the twins. It is going to be such fun sailing with all the kids and watching the grand kids as they get around on the cruse ship.


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