All the way to the State play off’s

I blogged about how my 18 year old grandsons football team kept winning toward the state playoff in Arlington Texas. Well this last weekend December the 21st was the big game in the A.T.T. football stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play.

We were supposed to leave the morning of the game and make the 5 hour drive to Arlington to make the game. We had a winter storm coming in due to hit during the night Friday night. We made the decision to go ahead and leave Friday afternoon and it was a good thing we did for we hit the rain on the way down, the temp started dropping and hovering around 30 degrees F. thank goodness the roads were warn enough to stay liquid bit we had ice building up on my sons truck. We stopped in Wichita Falls Texas to eat and clean off the wiper blades,and mirrors. There was about an inch of Ice accumulated on the radio antenna. My daughter was also going to go to the game and they left Kansas Friday evening also but they did not make it the storm caught them just inside of Oklahoma and they ended up staying two days in a motel in a small town a few miles across the state line.

There were three games being played at the A.T.T. stadium, the first game was a 4A game and then my grandsons game was a 5A. game  that started at 4 pm and then there was another 5A. game after that. The stadium was full in fact they announced that there was a record 54,000 plus people at the game. It was so neat seeing my grandsons team coming out on the field. It started out great for we had a touch down within the first 5 min. I was hoping that would be a sign that they would win. That just did not happen the final score was Allen Eagles 63 and Pearland Oilers 28. I am just so happy that Caleb was able to play in a state championship came his senior year on the Dallas Cowboy football field.

We drove back home Sunday the 22nd it was still cold but the roads were great. I did not have my camera where I could get to it but the trees were covered with Ice and the sun shining on them was a beautiful sight. My daughter made it in from Oklahoma also. Now when my Houston kids get here today we will all be together for Christmas.

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