Thanksgiving 2013

While we were visiting our kids down by Houston for Thanksgiving. We were having a great time hanging out with the family. We made the 630 mile trip down on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and had planed to drive back the Saturday after. The Houston kids wanted us to stay one more day so we went ahead and stayed. Of course it happened they finely got me to go shopping with them but they had to promise to take me to Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen to eat, we love this place and every time we go down there we make it point to eat there. After this we went to one of those outlet malls so the girls could shop and one of my sons need to get him a suit. It was colder  than usual so I found a place in the sun out of the wend to set and wait for them to finish up. The temperature there was in the 40’s which for me was not that bad as long as I stayed out of the wend, it’s usually in the 70 and 80’s so the kids that live there was freezing, but the rest of us are from the Panhandle of Texas where it can get well below freezing this time of year. Afterwards we drove down too Galveston Texas which was about 30 miles away. We went to a place called Moody Gardens where there are several things to see. They were having what was called the festival of lights and that was all we had a chance to look at. Charlotte and I left out around 7:00 Sunday morning to drive home, it took us right at 10 hours to get home.

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18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013

    • Yes it is a small world for on the way home we stopped in a rest area about 70 miles from home and as I started into the building my cousin whom I have seen in probably 20 years was walking out.We got to visit for a minute and then off we went again. Have a wonderful day. Jim


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