The Big Game Just got bigger

Friday the day after Thanksgiving and my grandsons 18 Th birthday he had a football game. The school he is going to is in the playoffs and this was one of the three games left before they might go to State. They were up against a team that the odds were for them. This is the last year my grandson will be playing for he is a senior this year. We were down here a few months back and watched a game but he was injured and did not get to play, but this game he  played the whole game. Within the first 5 minuets of play the other team scored a touch down. I do not know if that was what motivated the Pearland Oilers, (the team myP1100071 grandson is on) but after the next few plays we got an interception and took it for a touch down. After that they held them off and won the game 21 to 13. I do not want to jinks them but it would so great for him if there team won state since this is his last year. Update 12/07/2013 I just found out that they won their game today 10-3 yea Oilers.

Up date 12/14/2013 Oilers won another game 38-34 and now they are going to State. They will be playing in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on 12/21/2013 Yea Oilers.

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16 thoughts on “The Big Game Just got bigger

  1. My grandson is also in his senior year (in Texas)….he is on the swim team there.
    Where has the time gone, I often wonder. Seems like only yesterday when I was 18 too. Truth is, the year 2014 almost sounds like science fiction to me!
    Blessing to you Jim, in this new year and all the years to follow.


    • Thank you Mary. The 15 year old is on the swim team at the same school where my 18 year old played football. We have been able to go down and watch him swim, it is fun watching them but you are right they have grown up way to fast. May God bless you and your family through this new year. Jim


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