Happy New Year 2014

I would like to wish all a very Happy New Year. 2013 was a blessed year for me P1090251even though my joint pain has kept me from enjoying a lot of of the things I would like to do. And having a heart attack back in June just 5 days before my 67 birthday. God has blessed me with good enough health that I can travel and see this beautiful land that He has made. I have a beautiful wife, three wonderful children and five wonderful grand children. Although one I have not been able to see since she was about three years old. My God is an awesome God and my prayer is that He will bless each of you in some way this up coming year. When you are happy He will be there, when you are sad He will be there, if you think you are all alone He will be there. I have had times when I was afraid or down and depressed and my God helped me through it and I know He will help you also. So for 2014 just turn your life over to Him.

I want to take this time to thank each one of you for following my blog and for putting up with the stories I have posted on my life.



Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My prayer is that God would bless each of you through out the coming year of 2014. God bless. Jim and CharlotteP1100122

All the way to the State play off’s

I blogged about how my 18 year old grandsons football team kept winning toward the state playoff in Arlington Texas. Well this last weekend December the 21st was the big game in the A.T.T. football stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play.

We were supposed to leave the morning of the game and make the 5 hour drive to Arlington to make the game. We had a winter storm coming in due to hit during the night Friday night. We made the decision to go ahead and leave Friday afternoon and it was a good thing we did for we hit the rain on the way down, the temp started dropping and hovering around 30 degrees F. thank goodness the roads were warn enough to stay liquid bit we had ice building up on my sons truck. We stopped in Wichita Falls Texas to eat and clean off the wiper blades,and mirrors. There was about an inch of Ice accumulated on the radio antenna. My daughter was also going to go to the game and they left Kansas Friday evening also but they did not make it the storm caught them just inside of Oklahoma and they ended up staying two days in a motel in a small town a few miles across the state line.

There were three games being played at the A.T.T. stadium, the first game was a 4A game and then my grandsons game was a 5A. game  that started at 4 pm and then there was another 5A. game after that. The stadium was full in fact they announced that there was a record 54,000 plus people at the game. It was so neat seeing my grandsons team coming out on the field. It started out great for we had a touch down within the first 5 min. I was hoping that would be a sign that they would win. That just did not happen the final score was Allen Eagles 63 and Pearland Oilers 28. I am just so happy that Caleb was able to play in a state championship came his senior year on the Dallas Cowboy football field.

We drove back home Sunday the 22nd it was still cold but the roads were great. I did not have my camera where I could get to it but the trees were covered with Ice and the sun shining on them was a beautiful sight. My daughter made it in from Oklahoma also. Now when my Houston kids get here today we will all be together for Christmas.

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Thanksgiving 2013

While we were visiting our kids down by Houston for Thanksgiving. We were having a great time hanging out with the family. We made the 630 mile trip down on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and had planed to drive back the Saturday after. The Houston kids wanted us to stay one more day so we went ahead and stayed. Of course it happened they finely got me to go shopping with them but they had to promise to take me to Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen to eat, we love this place and every time we go down there we make it point to eat there. After this we went to one of those outlet malls so the girls could shop and one of my sons need to get him a suit. It was colder  than usual so I found a place in the sun out of the wend to set and wait for them to finish up. The temperature there was in the 40’s which for me was not that bad as long as I stayed out of the wend, it’s usually in the 70 and 80’s so the kids that live there was freezing, but the rest of us are from the Panhandle of Texas where it can get well below freezing this time of year. Afterwards we drove down too Galveston Texas which was about 30 miles away. We went to a place called Moody Gardens where there are several things to see. They were having what was called the festival of lights and that was all we had a chance to look at. Charlotte and I left out around 7:00 Sunday morning to drive home, it took us right at 10 hours to get home.

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Despite overwhelming odds

Thank you to all the veterans who have and are still serving our country.

Defeat Despair

“We salute the veterans and survivors of Pearl Harbor who inspire us still.  Despite overwhelming odds, they fought back heroically, inspiring our nation and putting us on the path to victory.  They are members of that Greatest Generation who overcame the Depression, crossed oceans and stormed the beaches to defeat fascism, and turned adversaries into our closest allies…They remind us that no challenge is too great when Americans stand as one.  All of us owe these men and women a profound debt of gratitude for the freedoms and standard of living we enjoy today.”
President Barack Obama

Jeff has very little to say about my blog, other than protesting when I tell him I’ve posted photo of him, or written about him.  However, I did read to him the blog I posted a couple of days ago, in which I talked about the parallels between fighting a war and…

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The Big Game Just got bigger

Friday the day after Thanksgiving and my grandsons 18 Th birthday he had a football game. The school he is going to is in the playoffs and this was one of the three games left before they might go to State. They were up against a team that the odds were for them. This is the last year my grandson will be playing for he is a senior this year. We were down here a few months back and watched a game but he was injured and did not get to play, but this game he  played the whole game. Within the first 5 minuets of play the other team scored a touch down. I do not know if that was what motivated the Pearland Oilers, (the team myP1100071 grandson is on) but after the next few plays we got an interception and took it for a touch down. After that they held them off and won the game 21 to 13. I do not want to jinks them but it would so great for him if there team won state since this is his last year. Update 12/07/2013 I just found out that they won their game today 10-3 yea Oilers.

Up date 12/14/2013 Oilers won another game 38-34 and now they are going to State. They will be playing in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on 12/21/2013 Yea Oilers.

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